Friday, March 10, 2006

Kernow 1.2

I've released Kernow 1.2 which, after fixing a broken zip, is available from

(It used to be called EasyTransformer, but since it nows supports XQuery and I really didn't like the name Easy.... EZ... eee zee... etc a name change was long overdue).

Kernow is an open source graphical front end for Saxon, the XSLT and XQuery processor. It's written in Java, with the Swing UI created using Matisse - the new UI editor in Netbeans 5. For me eclipse still wins on the IDE front (as it's just better for everyday usage), but Matisse is really special so it's worth putting up with Netbeans just for that.

Kernow basically gives you file choosers for the files involved in the transform, parameter and named template discovery, a caching entity resovler and improved directory transforms through compiling the stylesheet. It also stores all of the files involved and makes them selectable through combo boxes to reduce the amout of setup time when you get going. Hopefully it's useful to someone...

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