Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kernow 1.3 released

I've uploaded a new version Kernow that contains Saxon 8.7.1 with a few minor bugs fixed. These mainly centered around paths - the systemId of the source XML and base uri used by xsl:result-document.

The latter was pretty straightforward, the base uri used by xsl:result-document is set using Controller.setBaseOutputURI() - this value is now set to either the uri of the stylesheet, or the output file/directory (depending if one is supplied). This makes sense, as if you are outputting to a given file/directory, you would like the output from your xsl:result-document instructions to be relative to that (in my view, anyway). If you haven't supplied an output file/directory and you're outputting to the Kernow output window, then it should be resovled against the stylesheet.

Setting the systemId of the TransformerHandler to be that of the XML file seemed wrong to me at first, as you would expect it to be used by the stylesheet. After thinking about it a little, it makes some sense: the TransformerHandler knows the systemId of the stylesheet from when it was created - it doesn't know the location of the source XML as that arrives as a series of SAX events - therefore it's possible to set it through setSystemId. Perhaps someone knows for sure...

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