Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kernow now available via Java Web Start

I've been playing around with making Kernow available through Java Web Start. This should be the ideal way to run Kernow as it places a shortcut on your desktop (and in your start menu in Windows) and auto-updates whenever a new version is available.

Reading around it seems Java Web Start has had mixed reviews. Personally I really like it, perhaps because I'm using Java 1.6 and Netbeans 6 M10 which makes it all pretty straightforward (auto jar-signing is really helpful in M10).

Give it a go, let me know what you think: Kernow - Java Web Start

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Michael M.-H. said...

I think this is a really good idea, and I can't wait for Java 1.6 being available on Mac OS X (it is currently in RC status).

- Michael