Monday, September 03, 2007

Kernow 1.5.2 beta b2 available

I've just uploaded a new version of Kernow. This one was pretty much already available via Java Web Start, this makes it available via the normal download route.

New features/fixes:

- Added syntax highlighting and checking as-you-type to the XQuery Sandbox tab. Syntax highlighting's provided using Bounce's XMLEditorKit - I'm hoping to use Netbeans' nbEditorKit in a future version which will add line numbers, code completion etc. I've put together the checking-as-you-type and error highlighting using Saxon's error reporting. This is really cool, so I'm planning on doing an equivalent "XSLT Sandbox" soon... perhaps using Netbeans RCP. Not sure yet.

- Added an icon and splashsceen. These came about because JWS and the exe benefit from them. Are they any good? I'm not really a graphics person...

- Kernow.jar is now a proper executable jar, so you can double click it to run Kernow (if you're on a mac for example)

- It's all compiled using Java 1.5, again for mac users where 1.6 isn't supported yet.

It's available here: Kernow

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