Monday, July 19, 2010

Kernow 1.7 beta available

Kernow 1.7 beta is now available:
  • integrates LexEv (which now reports internal and parameter entities, along with CDATA sections, comments, numeric and entity refs, and the DOCTYPE)
  • includes Saxon HE
  • directory transforms: input directory structure is now recreated in the output directory
  • files are correctly released, rather than held while Kernow is open
  • the caching entity resolver now correctly load all files from the cache dir first
  • updated to the latest Bounce version (enabling "folding" in the sandboxes)
  • includes Xerces 2.9.0 which partially supports XSD 1.1
  • fixed several small bugs


Hans Nordhaug said...


I'm teaching XML and related technologies (XSLT, Xquery, Schema languages) to students at a Norwegian University College, and Kernow has saved my day several times since our students don't know how to use the command line ...

I understand that XSLT/transformations was your reason for creating Kernow, but could you please consider adding support for Xquery in "Single File" mode? Connecting an XML file to the Xquery file so it can be used in the "Standalone" mode is "messy". (Saxon easily handles Xquery on the command line.)

I think this would make Kernow even more attractive.

kuyr53e said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

I have tried out Kernow 1.7b2 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and I found 2 problems with the user interface:
1. It doesn't show warnings, for example when there is a template resolution conflict. No matter which of the options for recoverable errors I choose.
2. Parameters are not passed to the stylesheet.

Both of these do work in 1.6.1.

And it would also be nice if 1.7 would support Saxon 9.3.