Monday, January 10, 2011

Kernow 1.7 released

Kernow 1.7 is now available:
  • integrates LexEv (which now reports internal and parameter entities, along with CDATA sections, comments, numeric and entity refs, and the DOCTYPE)
  • On OSX and linux, it uses the "Nimbus" look and feel, on Windows it still uses native
  • includes the latest Saxon HE
  • directory transforms: input directory structure is now recreated in the output directory
  • files are correctly released, rather than held while Kernow is open
  • the caching entity resolver now correctly load all files from the cache dir first
  • updated to the latest Bounce version, which fixes some freezing in the sandboxes
  • includes Xerces 2.10 which partially supports XSD 1.1
  • fixed several small bugs
Kernow 1.7 is released as a trial version which allows you to hit the run button 100 times, after which you will need to enter a code to continue. The code can be purchased using the Help -> Purchase menu.

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Tom V said...

What is the purchase price to unlock?